Captive and Field Herpetology

This is based on a recent talk by Ben Owens at Bangor University Herpetological Society.

About the journal

During a recent trip which spanned six months and saw Ben Owens herping in 9 countries, the idea of the Captive and Field Herpetology journal was formed. As its name suggests, the journal is based around herpetological husbandry, natural history notes and captive and field observations.

A few months later (albeit later on than Ben expected) the first issue of Captive and Field Herpetology was published online. It covers a range of topics from Asian water monitor behaviour to breeding helmeted basilisk, and can be foundĀ here.

About the expeditions

Ben then went on to explain the expeditions that Captive and Field Herpetology runs. Alongside the online journal, the herpetofauna-based expeditions to a variety of places. For example, the next trip in November will go to India. They seem ideal for people wanting to gain experience in herpetology.

Personal thoughts

I found Ben’s recent talk very engaging. His passion for herpetology was clear.

It was interesting to learn more about how the journal was established, and about how labour-intensive the process was. Before this talk, I had given little consideration towards working in a scientific journal. However, I now realise that this is an area that interests me career-wise. Perhaps when I have some experience in the world of scientific publishing, I will follow in Ben’s footsteps and start a scientific journal.

Organising a wildlife-based expedition is something that I have recently been looking into. Captive and Field Herpetology’s expeditions are a source of inspiration for my own expedition planning.

Captive and Field Herpetology

The Captive & Field Herpetology logo. Credit: Captive & Field Herpetology.

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