The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you petrel41 from Dear Kitty. Some blog  for a Versatile Blogger Award nomination! It’s a very generous gesture.

Following the rules, I will answer petrel41’s question, give seven facts about myself and nominate others for this Award.

So here goes…

What was the best reaction ever to your blog?

It’s honestly hard to choose, but friends have been very supportive of this blog and have been very encouraging.

Seven facts about me:

  1. I love sea turtles (that may not surprise some of you). Loggerhead turtle hatching
  2. My dissertation’s on invasive rodents (and due in seven weeks…)
  3.  So far, I have written 6029 words on this blog, which is approximately the same number of words I need to write for my dissertation..
  4. My site’s visitors have come from over 20 countries. (Thank you everyone for visiting!)
  5. I have been blogging for nearly a year.
  6. I have written 2,000 words about dog whelks. Dog Whelk - Nucella lapillus Stock Photo
  7. I started this blog as a New Year’s resolution (although started writing it later on in the year).


My nominees are Rebecca SnellKannan Raja and Tristian Herbert.

My question to you three is how did you first become interested in science?


Versatile Blogger Award



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