ARCHELON Part 1: Preveza and Amvrakikos

Shortly after finishing my final year exams, I signed up to volunteer with ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Preservation Society of Greece.

A few weeks later, I arrived at Monolithi, where ARCHELON has its Preveza base. The campsite is opposite the longest beach in Europe (I can confirm that it’s long!).

Each day in Preveza started with a morning survey, where we searched for sea turtle nests. After each morning survey, we would go back to the campsite to update the databases with the information gathered that morning.

After two weeks at Preveza, it was time to go to Amvrakikos. My time at Amvrakikos was unlike anything I have ever done before.

At this project, we were on the boat from 8am to around 3pm, looking for and tagging the loggerhead sea turtles found in the bay.

“Turtle jumping” (shown in the video below) was like nothing else I have done before. Looking back, it still seems slightly surreal.

Our work there also included rescuing turtle caught in fishing gear, which was my first personal experience of the effects of fishing on wildlife. This was quite eye-opening, and something which I would like to try and mitigate during my future career.

More information about the Preveza project area can be found here. Further information about the Amvrakikos Bay project can be found here.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will talk about my experiences with the Zakynthos project area.



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