How To Look At Puff Adder Behaviour

Recently, Bangor University’s Herpetological Society hosted a talk by Dr Xavier Glaudas from the University of Witwatersrand. The talk was based on his post-doc research, and data was collected between October 2012 and February 2016.

Overview of the talk 

The talk started with an explanation of how puff adders (Bitis arietans) could be considered a model organism for studying behaviour in the wild. This is due to four main factors: the species’ abundance, limited mobility, its ambush foraging behaviour and the fact that it is easily approached.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you petrel41 from Dear Kitty. Some blog  for a Versatile Blogger Award nomination! It’s a very generous gesture.

Following the rules, I will answer petrel41’s question, give seven facts about myself and nominate others for this Award.

So here goes…

What was the best reaction ever to your blog?

It’s honestly hard to choose, but friends have been very supportive of this blog and have been very encouraging.

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Do dragons like garlic bread?

The third workshop in the Bio Enterprise and Employability module was a Dragons’ Den-style day.

At the start of the day, we were placed into random groups. My group quickly settled on the idea of designing a business plan for a garlic bread-based takeaway – Aglio.

After deciding on the name and type of our business, we used a large print-out of the Simply Do Ideas business plan. I decided to cover the finance side of the plan.

Once this was completed, my group filmed a short promotional video for Aglio. Near the start of the workshop, I suggested we use a poem at this stage. One of my team members wrote a promotional poem, which turned out surprisingly well.

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The Pont Croesor Project

About the talk

This week’s Bangor University Zoological Society talk was given by Gywn Harrison, who focused on how the ospreys of Glaslyn came to be protected and appreciated.

Ospreys were first recorded in the area in 2003, when a originally from Scotland was spotted. In 2004, he was joined by a female and they successfully raised two chicks in the first year.

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Assessment centres for bioscience students

The second Bio Enterprise and Employability workshop focused on assessment centres. It took the form of a 4 hour workshop in October.

Having never been to an assessment centre before, I was curious to see what the afternoon would involve.

When I got to JP Hall in Main Arts, I found it filled with tables, each set out to seat around 5 people.

Once everyone (or most people?) were there, the afternoon was split into three sections:

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A solution to pollution? — CONSERVATION SENSATION

Cowritten by Sicily Fiennes & Mark Stevenson Introduction to the hype Presumably by now, we are all aware that the world has a problem with waste, specifically plastic. We are buzzing on plastic: there has been an increase in research into plastic pollution and campaigns to phase out usage. This week, the microbead ban finally […]

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