Captive and Field Herpetology

This is based on a recent talk by Ben Owens at Bangor University Herpetological Society.

About the journal

During a recent trip which spanned six months and saw Ben Owens herping in 9 countries, the idea of the Captive and Field Herpetology journal was formed. As its name suggests, the journal is based around herpetological husbandry, natural history notes and captive and field observations.

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Dispatches from a module

Welcome to 50% of one of my modules.

As part of the third year module Bio Enterprise and Employability, third year Bangor University students are set a blogging assignment. This is worth 50% of the module’s final mark.

Although many people choose to create a blog just for this module, I have decided to run it as a series at Barreleye Zoology.

So what will this series include?

In total, this series will be at least 10 posts long, with each post being 300-500 words long. Additionally, there will be a 1000-word long reflections post at the end of the module.

This series will be posted under the Bio Enterprise and Employability category. Normal blog posts will continue alongside this series.

I hope you enjoy this series, and that it will give you an insight into this module.