Friday finds: podcast edition

To re‐start this series (and blog!), I’ve decided to share some of my favourite zoology‐related podcasts:

The Chameleon Breeder Podcast is perhaps the most niche podcast I listen to, and is great for chameleon‐lovers. Although it mainly focuses on chameleons in captivity, there are also episodes about expeditions, such as these recordings by Mark Scherz.

This Podcast Will Kill You looks into infectious diseases, a topic not covered by many other podcasts. With topics ranging from toxoplasmosis to prions, it’s a great introduction to the world of infectious diseases.

As I type this, I’m listening to The Fisheries Podcast. It recently returned from a hiatus, and its most recent episode can be found here.

SciShow Tangents is not solely zoology‐based, but is still very enjoyable. I particularly like their episode on bats.

And finally, I recently discovered a search engine for podcasts. Listen Notes is a great resource for finding new podcasts.

Friday finds 4

A round up of zoological snippets from around the web.


Nominations for the new £50 character have now opened. You can nominate a scientist here.

Cambridge University’s zoology museum has reopened.


How llamas could help us fight flu.

Why ticks are killing moose at a high rate.


Freshwater turtle hatchlings in Australia face many threats, ranging from “nest imprisonment” to foxes.


A look at 17 new species of sea slug.

Science communication 

An obituary for the broadcaster Aubrey Manning, a zoology lecturer who worked on BBC series such as Landscape Mysteries.

And finally, something for Halloween (albeit a few days late!)


Friday finds #3

Friday finds is back! Here’s a roundup of recent (and not‐so‐recent) zoology snippets from around the web:

A photo of a caecilian egg, by Simon Maddock

A list of expert entomologists on Twitter

An unusual story about sea monkeys

The Z Files, an online radio show dedicated to zoology. Tune in at 2pm BST on Sundays

The winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year have been announced

And finally


Do you have any Friday finds of your own? Share them in the comments!

Friday finds #2

Zoological snippets from around the web


An animal flatulence quiz. I need to buy the book to improve my score on this!

What words are most used by environmental historians and environmental humanities scholars? (Not strictly zoology-based, but full of interesting links).


Updating Singapore’s bird list

Following the success of fox grading, grading parrots has now arrived.


All about fish surgery.


The safety of DNA testing.

Reptiles and amphibians

The latest edition of the Herpetological Highlights podcast came out this week, covering a variety of topics from species recovery to maternal care in a species of python and crab-eating snakes.


I enjoy scientific cartoons, and Paige Kelly’s Science and Scribbles is a blog I found recently which combines both cartoons and stories. Her most recent drawing is about krill, salps and diatoms.


Do you have any Friday finds? Share them in the comments!

A member of the crab-eating snake family. 


Friday Finds #1

This is a new idea I’m trying out. I aim to bring you zoological snippets from around the web:


  • Lynx fighting sounds very unusual, and the video is well worth a watch.
  • March Mammal Madness is well worth following and participating in (these are the results so far).




  • Puffin sunglasses  are very fashionable, and can be used when studying ultraviolet light and their bills.


  • A new species of fiddler crab has been found in the Indian Ocean.


Do you have any Friday finds of your own? Share them in the comments!