Business plans for bioscience students

The second assignment in the Bio Enterprise and Employability module was a business plan. For this, I had to build on my experiences from the Dragon’s Den day. It was set and marked by Chris Walker.

For the assignment, we had to use the Simply Do Ideas format, which turned out to be easy to use and understand. It is split into six sections:

  • Concept – explaining your business (e.g. the idea behind it).
  • Contents – what your business will consist of.
  • Customers – who will be interested in buying your product/service.
  • Competitors – companies carrying out similar work to yours.
  • Compatibility – how well suited you are to running the business.
  • Cash – how you will make money and costs of running the business.

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Do dragons like garlic bread?

The third workshop in the Bio Enterprise and Employability module was a Dragons’ Den-style day.

At the start of the day, we were placed into random groups. My group quickly settled on the idea of designing a business plan for a garlic bread-based takeaway – Aglio.

After deciding on the name and type of our business, we used a large print-out of the Simply Do Ideas business plan. I decided to cover the finance side of the plan.

Once this was completed, my group filmed a short promotional video for Aglio. Near the start of the workshop, I suggested we use a poem at this stage. One of my team members wrote a promotional poem, which turned out surprisingly well.

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Dispatches from a module

Welcome to 50% of one of my modules.

As part of the third year module Bio Enterprise and Employability, third year Bangor University students are set a blogging assignment. This is worth 50% of the module’s final mark.

Although many people choose to create a blog just for this module, I have decided to run it as a series at Barreleye Zoology.

So what will this series include?

In total, this series will be at least 10 posts long, with each post being 300-500 words long. Additionally, there will be a 1000-word long reflections post at the end of the module.

This series will be posted under the Bio Enterprise and Employability category. Normal blog posts will continue alongside this series.

I hope you enjoy this series, and that it will give you an insight into this module.